What Is MAC-Binding, and How Does It Work?

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MAC-binding intends binding nan media entree power (MAC) reside to a device's Internet Protocol (IP) address. Think astir this arsenic putting a nametag connected each instrumentality that connects to a network. So, if location is simply a alteration to either nan MAC reside aliases nan device's IP address, you will not beryllium capable to link to that network. With MAC-binding, nan net web tin place and pass pinch nan correct device, making information transportation seamless and efficient.

MAC-Binding Explained

MAC-binding allows you to "bind" an IP reside to a MAC address. After nan binding, web administrators tin restrict entree to their network, only allowing connections from devices pinch circumstantial MAC addresses.

What Is an IP Address?

The net is simply a operation of different networks. Each web is known arsenic an net work supplier (ISP). When you acquisition work from an ISP, you will beryllium fixed an IP address, and you'll beryllium capable to entree different networks connected to your ISP.

Hand pinch magnifying solid examining pins connected a map

An net protocol (IP) reside is simply a chopped numerical explanation assigned to each instrumentality that explains its location connected a network. When information from nan net needs to scope you, your ISP's web uses your IP reside to way nan information to you.

There are 2 models of IP addresses: static and dynamic. A move IP reside changes erstwhile nan connected instrumentality disconnects from nan network. This IP reside tin moreover beryllium assigned to different instrumentality erstwhile it is not successful use. A move IP is assigned automatically by a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server.

However, a fixed IP reside is assigned to a instrumentality by nan web administrator and does not change.

What Is a MAC Address?

Screenshot of MAC Address Format

A MAC reside (also called a media entree power address) is simply a 12-character unsocial identifier. Unlike IP addresses that tin alteration erstwhile a instrumentality connects and disconnects from nan network, MAC addresses are assigned by nan device's shaper and stay nan aforesaid for a device.

example mac address

How Does MAC-Binding Work?

For MAC-binding to activity successfully, nan web administrator has to create a database of authorized MAC addresses and their associated IP reside connected nan DHCP server. This database is called nan MAC-binding table.

Screenshot of IP Address and MAC Address

So erstwhile your instrumentality requests an IP reside to nan DHCP server, nan web administrator looks done nan database to corroborate if your device's MAC reside is authorized and connected nan binding table. Once confirmed, you're assigned a corresponding IP reside from nan table.

The DHCP server besides assigns a lease clip pinch nan IP address. If your instrumentality is still connected astir nan clip nan lease expires, it'll petition different IP address. After disconnection, your instrumentality requests to merchandise nan IP address, which nan server tin delegate to different device.

Screenshot of DHCP Interface

This way, MAC-binding ensures nan aforesaid IP reside is assigned to a MAC address, helping to support a unchangeable web configuration. Network administrators tin besides usage MAC-binding to observe nan instrumentality that carried retired a circumstantial online activity.

5 Advantages of MAC-Binding

MAC-binding prevents unauthorized entree to your network, arsenic only those pinch approved MAC addresses would beryllium allowed entry. If you change your IP aliases MAC address, you will beryllium incapable to entree nan network. Measures specified arsenic these make your web much unchangeable and secure. Also, web administrators tin usage MAC-binding to trace online activities to a circumstantial device.

1. Improved Security

Lock and cardinal illustrating encryption

With MAC-binding, location tin beryllium nary third-party access. Only registered MAC addresses would beryllium assigned IPs and beryllium capable to pass connected nan network. This furniture of information is useful against threat actors, arsenic it blocks unauthorized entry.

2. More Control

MAC-binding gives web administrators much power complete their network: it enables them to take who communicates connected nan network, artifact aliases restrict entree to only definite devices, and limit entree to delicate data.

3. Device Identification

Threat actors are becoming harder to apprehend owed to their discovery evasion techniques. But pinch MAC-binding, immoderate suspicious activity is flagged and tin beryllium easy traced to nan root device, arsenic each MAC reside is registered connected nan network's servers.

4. Improved Efficiency

Different devices whitethorn person nan aforesaid IP address. But pinch MAC-binding, nan DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server tin make judge nary 2 devices person nan aforesaid IP address. This is because each instrumentality is singly registered connected nan network. And by eliminating immoderate chance of IP conflicts, web ratio and connectivity are improved.

5. Reserved IPs

Mac-binding besides allows web administrators to reserve IP addresses for "special" devices. This way, firewall policies tin beryllium configured and privilege fixed to definite devices.

MAC-Binding: Limitations and Loopholes

Though MAC-binding has galore advantages, it has a fewer limitations and disadvantages that you should consider.

1. MAC Address Spoofing

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Indeed, each MAC reside comes straight pinch your device, assigned by its manufacturer. But MAC addresses tin beryllium altered aliases wholly changed. Threat actors usage MAC reside spoofing to hack wireless networks and bargain delicate accusation and login credentials.

2. The Volatility of IP Addresses

Once you disconnect and reconnect to a network, nan IP reside of your instrumentality changes, and it is imaginable for threat actors to "hide" down a peculiar device. This is called IP masking.

A 2nd instrumentality tin link to a registered 1 and execute each online activities done it. However, to nan network, nan registered instrumentality would beryllium nan only 1 present. There would beryllium nary trace of nan 2nd device.

No caller IP reside is created, arsenic nan 2nd instrumentality is simply "masking" its IP pinch that of nan registered device.

3. Limited Flexibility

Your instrumentality will only beryllium capable to entree nan web if it is registered connected nan DHCP table. And moreover though this is an other furniture of security, it tin beryllium bypassed by spoofing your MAC reside to lucifer that of a registered device.

4. Stressful Manual Configuration

MAC-binding tin beryllium stressful and time-consuming. For example, arsenic a web administrator, you must manually registry caller devices successful nan DHCP table. Also, you must regularly update nan array arsenic caller devices are added to nan web and existing devices are removed.

Although MAC-binding adds an other furniture of information to your network, it should not beryllium considered a complete replacement for different information measures. You tin usage it pinch different measures specified arsenic firewalls, encryption, and entree controls.

MAC-binding has galore advantages, and its merits wholly outweigh its limitations.

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